Scholarships and grants

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Scholarships and grants


The Universidad Europea del Atlántico is fully committed to facilitating potential students' access to its range of study programmes.

To this end, the University has established its own independent annual scholarship programmes with a view to reducing possible economic barriers and thereby enabling students with demonstrated outstanding academic records to achieve admission to UNEATLANTICO.

On a yearly basis, the University awards the following number of scholarships:

Collaboration Scholarships

This scholarship programme aims to help students complement their practical training in professional fields associated with their degree programme. Students may fund up to 100% of tuition fees through this programme, which is fully compatible with the regular degree course schedule.

This programme offers 20 scholarships to students pre- enrolled in the Degree in Computer Engineering at the Universidad Europea del Atlántico.

Thanks to the numerous agreements the University has signed with prestigious Spanish institutions and business entities operating in this sector, scholarship holders will be afforded the opportunity to carry out meaningful collaboration placements, in which they will play an active role in real projects and gain valuable experience through sustained contribution.

In full consonance with the University's commitment to the professional development of scholarship holders, students concerned may apply for annual renewal of the awarded scholarship throughout their entire degree pro- gramme. Renewal will always be subject to the issuing by the Scholarships Board of a favourable report about the student’s annual academic performance and the activities carried out during the collaboration placement.

For more detailed information about the terms of the scholarship programmes, please contact the Student Services and Scholarships Department of the Universidad Europea del Atlántico at the following email address: